About Villas des mariages

Whether it's walking among the sun bathed fields of fruit trees,
watching the vegetables harvest in the mountains,
sharing a simple moment with a neighbor admiring the blooming flowers in a garden,
or just sipping a chilled rosé on a sunset beach,
Provence, in the south of France, has a unique charm to it.

The provence region has a rich terroir nurturing its fields with flavorful, minerally rich vegetables and
diverse, colorful flowers to decorate its villages.

Here as well, in this small town of love bathed by the sun and happiness,
you can feel the vineyards and olive groves of Provence.

Villas des mariages is where people who like to share and laugh gather.
It is where a new chapter of your life begins.
Welcome to Villas des mariages.


Discover the colorful stories of our villas.
From our rose gardens and bustling town squares,
to the olive trees and herb gardens cultivated inside the villas,
to our mineral cuisine, pairing local terroir with modern provencal gastronomy,
we wish you a wonderful wedding filled with joy and smiles.