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At Villas des mariages we welcome your guest with fine food and drinks. Spend time with your friends around a unique dining experience and share your heartfelt wishes with each others in this cozy town.

ヴィラデマリアージュ M L

Hospitality around the table

At Villas des mariages, we brighten your wedding with first-class hospitality. The harmony of our gastronomic course and service will delight your guests and transform your wedding into a luxurious experience.

Nature on a plate

Surrounded by sea breezes and the Rhône River, the soil of the Camargue has a perfect ratio of water and minerals to grow mineral-rich vegetables. A drizzle of olive oil or aioli is all that is needed to create a simple yet supremely delicious dish. The idea is to emphasize the flavor of the vegetables while preserving their essence. This is what makes Villas des mariages cuisine so impressive and elegant.

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A wedding that cares about family

In order to provide first-class hospitality, there are around 100 family-assistants in Villas des mariages at your disposal. These wedding veterans are here to assist your family through the planning and on your wedding day to make their experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

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Our specialists

At Villas des mariages, we believe you need to be inspired to inspire others. Our wedding specialists live by this motto, and they will guide you both step by step, from the birth of your wedding concept to the ceremony and beyond. These specialists, as well as every encounter we've made, are the hidden treasures of Villas des mariages.

01Wedding coordinator

What do YOU consider to be a good wedding ? You are always the first priority for our wedding coordinators, and they will help you answer this question and make it a reality.

02Chef & patissier

Trained under the french cuisine fundamentals, our chefs fusion local japanese ingredients with french gastronomic philosophy to create a unique modern provençal cuisine.

03Maître d'hôtel

The maître d'hôtel is the master of hospitality at the venue. They understand your every needs and enhance your guests experience as best as they can. They are the extension of your gratitude towards your guests.


Your wedding day is a special day for you, but also for your parents. At Villas des mariages, our butlers are your parents personal assistants throughout the ceremony. They support your parents every step of the way and alleviate any worry they may have.


In order to make you the most beautiful bride in the world, our visagists refine their skills with stylists from all over the world. They use their extensive knowledge of facial and body features to help you be at your best for your wedding and after.